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The Future of Pre-Marriage

Are you a counselor,  pre-marriage mentor, marriage ministry staff or volunteer?

You want the very best for the couples in your care and you want a system that makes it personal, profound and easy. Say hello to the SYMBIS — Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts — Assessment.

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Become a SYMBIS Facilitator and get $20 off

The SYMBIS Report
Effective pre-marriage counseling simply does not get better or easier than this. Our 15 power-packed pages provide you with:

  • Valid and reliable results backed by decades of research
  • A ready-made process that flexes to your needs
  • Engaging exercises and numerous conversation starters
  • Applicability for individual couples, groups and classes
  • A snapshot summary of a couple’s trajectory

In short, SYMBIS is accessible, relevant, non-threatening and immeasurably practical.

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