Five Observations on Love and Marriage

You and I Are Wired for Love and Marriage
It’s simply in our DNA. Why is it that members of the human race, in all countries, all eras, and all situations reach a certain age and begin to seek a mate? Why is that such a given that we take it completely for granted?  Easy. It is because God made us that way.

Love Is a Full Body Experience
Intimacy is carefully crafted by God to take in the spiritual, emotional, and physical realms of the human experience. In most cases it begins as a physical attraction for us. Time proves to us that this initial bodily impulse is a very small part of the total package. . Intimacy includes sexuality, but it is so much more.

The Marriage Decision Requires Solid Thinking
If you happen to be an unmarried reader, be prepared for that moment when you fall head over heels and want to elope overnight after your first date.

Emotions can cloud the intellect. This is one of life’s most urgent decisions, one which can bring you incredible joy or unendurable misery. You want to give it some thought, my friend.

In premarital counseling, I’m always startled  by how many critical issues have not been broached by engaged couples. Will there be children? How many? Who will handle the money? The bride and groom have often had more discussion about the china pattern than they have about the issues that will in large part determine the quality of their relationship.

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Looks Shouldn’t  Be Ignored or Obsessed  Over
Like most things, the issue of physical appearance must take its proper place. Some attempt to keep it as the central issue of a relationship, and this is wrong. Others behave just as wrongly, as if they can let themselves go the moment the honeymoon is over. Some Christians have the misperception that it’s somehow “unspiritual” to attend to the body rather than merely to the soul.

I am living to maintain the perspective of Job 5:26: “You shall come to the grave at a full age, as a sheaf of grain ripens in its season.”

The Fundamental Things Apply
If you are considering marriage, realize that the Bible forbids Christians from uniting with non-believers (2 Corinthians 6:14). Both God’s Word and good common sense give you all the reason you need. But what if you’re already married to a non-believing spouse? Philippians 4:11 tells you to stay right where you are, and pray for your spouse. Be the very best mate that you can be, and with God’s grace and power your partner may yet come to faith. (See 1 Corinthians 7:12-16.). The greatest  gift you could give yourself, your mate, and your little piece of the world is to find a love deeper than all others: a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Excerpted from What the Bible Says About Love, Marriage and Sex; The Song of Solomon by David Jeremiah. Used with permission from FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc.