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Yep. We’re all about building better marriages — and we do that through online media, here at GowthtracRadio and at . Growthtrac Radio is an outreach of Growthtrac Ministries, a non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian marriage ministry.

Here’s what you’ll find here.

Solid Marriage Programming
We’re not 24-7 talk radio. But you will hear excellent marriage programming, usually at the top of the hour, from our radio partners. Our radio programming is the best in the business. You’ll hear a variety of marriage topics presented by leading experts,with high-impact, relevant delivery. Information you need, and information that could make a difference in your marriage.

Great Music
We are obsessed about our music mix. You won’t hear standard artist singles, repeating the same songs every hour. What you will hear is a Top-40 sound, but deeper and more energetic, a fresh variety of live worship and independent artists — mixed in with the Top 10 and a few oldies. We think you’ll like the change. And we hope you’ll become our next GrowthtracRadio listener!

Did you know we’ve interviewed many of your favorite artists? Check them out here:


GrowthtracRadio — Growthtrac Ministries — is a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  If we’ve made a difference in your marriage, or even if you just love our music, would you please consider a tax-deductible gift?  Your support will help more marriages like yours.  Thanks!

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you like!  877-458-6266  —


Growthtrac’s Marriage Insight Produced by Growthtrac Ministries, The Marriage Insight presents relevant tips from marriage experts in a fun, concise format.

Growthtrac’s Inside The Music Inside the Music are lively relational snippets from Growthtrac’svChristian arsist interviews.

Better Marriage Minute Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage with speaker, Mark Gungor, as he provides an up-lifting message to help build and strengthen marriages

New Release Tuesday Listen every Tuesday for the latest Christian music.

If you are desperate for change in your own marriage or simply desire to take your marriage to the next level, we invite you to connect with marriage expert, Jimmy Evans.

The Heart of Worship...
The Sunday Morning Drive On your way to church, enjoy this unique mix of high-energy, modern and progressive, praise and worship. Sundays 9:00am CDT

Crown Financial My Money Life...
My Money Life Hosted by Crown Financial Ministries CEO, Chuck Bentley and features in-depth discussion and fresh, relevant information on how to make and manage money while fulfilling God’s purposes for your life.

A Love Language Minute...
A Love Language Minute With renowned author, speaker and counselor Dr. Gary Chapman.

Real Family Life...
Real Family Life In each 30-second program, Dennis Rainey heads to the street to get a cultural perspective on the issues that affect families today. He then provides a Biblical response and gives listeners a practical way to make their families strong.

20 The Countdown Magazine Hosted by Jon Rivers, 20 The Countdown Magazine is the premier weekly national Adult Contemporary countdown show counting down the top 20 songs across the country! Saturdays Midnight CDT | Sundays 6:00pm and Midnight CDT

Life Change Moments Featuring today’s music artists, LifeChange Moments features powerful, poignant sound bites capable of guiding listeners to a better grasp of God’s Word and Principles.

TLN Marriage 911...
Marriage 911 From the popular TLN television program, with Dr. Bob Moeller.


—Listening to Growthtrac Radio from Paris. A blessing enabling Christian Music from my Hotel Room, and a comfort for being home-sick! Thanks GT!

—I LOVE your mix of contemporary worship music- lots of variety — and not cheesy lol!! I also like the marriage tips- very practical. I’ve sent some of my friends and my newly married daughter to GT Radio. Seriously you are the best radio station on line or otherwise I have ever listened to. I always have it on. Thank you!!!! GOD BLESS!! — Cheryl

—Great radio station, my favourite! (UK)

—I found you first on iTunes yesterday. You’re my favorite!! I will be recommending your station because of the excellent music and the marriage support teaching.

—I had been searching for a Christian station that I was ‘in tune’ with for some time, basically going through the large list on iTunes radio. Growthtrac radio stood out as I seem to like every single track that gets played! It is a very good way to find new artists that I like to listen to. I like the pearls of wisdom that get thrown in as well. I have just started tuning in during my day job as well as it is so enjoyable. It’s too bad that I can’t get it in my car as well as I drive for up to 2 hours a day. The station is a great source of inspiration.

—Just heard the “Cheezy-Lactose Intolerant” thing…Oh gosh…too funny. I have always wanted to tell XM radio that… (A) Playing large amounts of “News Boys”, “Third Day” and “Michael W. Smith” (B) Playing music older than 10 years OR (C) combining A & B …WILL not hasten HIS return. I know it takes some form of passion AND time to have play lists like that you have. Thank you for the effort, it is appreciated.

—Been listening to Growthtrac radio. Brilliant! Thank you.— Lynne, UK

—LOVING Growthtrac RADIO!! It’s such a huge blessing ? thank you! I’m listening in from Western Australia! Bless you guys! — Kate

—I’d really like to know where you folks came up you’re your playlist… someone must really know and have experience with worship. It is amazing that other Internet and satellite stations claim they play modern worship and really don’t. You’re great. I do support you. — Mike