Narcissistic Personality Quiz

If you are married to a narcissist, you are probably familiar with the stress that comes with being in a relationship with a person who seems impossible to please. You may live every day wondering if you are doing things right, nervous about displeasing them in any way. It may seem that nothing can be done to make things better. Good news: there are steps that you can take to get healthy! The first one is understanding what a narcissist is and what this looks like. Then you can find help for him/her, if they are willing. Most importantly, though, you can locate strategies that will help you cope and help you remember your own value and need for care.

NaNarcissistic Personality QuizInstructions: For each statement, choose the item that best describes you, even if not a perfect fit. Take the quiz on your own, all the way through; you’ll need between 5 to 10 minutes.  There are 40 Questions.

This quiz is intended for educational purposes only. Diagnosing Narcissistic Personality Disorder is serious business and should be done only within a professional evaluation. Read More

While this screening quiz is not a diagnostic test, it is consistent with scientific methods commonly used in research, it is provided for educational purposes only and cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a healthcare professional. Hopefully, should you have concerns, this quiz will give you the confidence to talk to a professional.