If you have ever been guilty of peering suspiciously at Rebecca St. James because you simply cannot reconcile the idea that someone so young could be so disciplined and committed to living a biblical lifestyle, “SHE” may offer you some perspective. It is not by coincidence or natural goodness that the 26-year-old seems so in tune to God’s intentions for her life. Rather, sticking to a detailed plan has given her success. Co-authored with Lynda Hunter Bjorklund, “SHE” outlines that plan.

Unique in that it offers advice and stories both from St. James and the older, married, parental Bjorklund, “SHE” is not just a book for young women, but for females of every age who want to be “safe, healthy and empowered” (hence the acronym). What it means to be a SHE, how one goes about becoming one and what the Bible says about it are all covered topics. Additionally, both St. James and Bjorklund share relevant life experiences.

While the book is useful, well organized and certainly edifying, its most obvious selling point is that St. James is the author. As such, readers may expect more information about St. James’ personal life than is offered here. However, having a copy of her life’s strategy should compensate.

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