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Growthtrac Radio: Great music and essentials for your marriage. Growthtrac Radio is the Christian music you love, plus the excellent marriage resources you’ve come to trust.

Growthtrac Radio is a streamed, online Christian Marriage resource for dating, engaged, and married couples. Growthtrac Radio provides an alternative to one-on-one relationship support, with marriage help in the areas of dating, weddings, engagement, marriage & family, divorce, intimacy, religion, sex, communication and conflict.

Contemporary Christian Music. CD Quality. Commercial-Free. Web Radio. Streamed to you 24-7. Read more about Growthtrac Marriage Radio here.

Growthtrac Marriage Radio

Now you can listen to great marriage-focused programming, every hour of every day on Growthtrac Radio. The show audio is streamed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, broadcasting the latest research, trends, and issues on marriage. Relevant marriage radio. It’s the positive alternative.

How to listen? Access Growthtrac Radio at or Get the App!

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As long as you’re close to an Internet connection, we make access easy with both Hi-Speed and Dial-up Streams. Live and archived Christian broadcasts, hot contemporary Christian music and intelligence for your marriage. That’s Growthtrac Marriage Radio.

What makes us different? Growthtrac Radio is a listener-supported, non-commercial contemporary Christian music radio station featuring interviews, contests, news and — quality marriage-focused features. Marriage Radio.

Growthtrac Radio covers marriage programs – marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, and helps get your marriage back on track — from the Growthtrac team and featuring leading broadcasters, speakers and teachers from across the country.

Think of it: Positive & encouraging help for your marriage. Checkout Growthtrac Radio today!

About Jim Mueller

bio-jim-muellerJim is the founder, with wife, Sheri, of Growthtrac Ministries as well as Program Director of GrowthtracRadio and the architect behind Jim holds a B.S. in business management and is a facilitator for PREPARE/ENRICH, the most widely used customized couple assessment tool. He has authored numerous articles, interviewed leading relationship experts, and Christian artists, and has contributed to Dr. Les Parrott’s book, The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring. Jim has worked for more than 15 years to help premarital couples and married couples build and maintain healthy relationships.


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