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He’s Driving Me Crazy!

My husband says and does things that drive me crazy. The problem is, he’s the nicest guy in town, has tons of friends, and no one but me can see the crazy things he does. He tells me I’m imagining things and that he is absolutely doing nothing wrong. Sometimes I can’t even figure out what he’s doing, but I…

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How Sorry Are You, Really?

My husband hurts my feelings over and over again, and always says he’s sorry. I tell him that if he were really sorry, he wouldn’t keep hurting my feelings. He then throws it back at me that he can never do enough to please me. I feel like I’m living in a crazy world. Please help.

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Active Listening in Marriage

My husband has little patience for really listening to me. He’ll sit and nod his head, but when I ask him what I said, he can never repeat it. I have such a need to connect with him yet he seems not to have the same need. What can I do to help him actively listen to me, and me…

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Social Media and Marriage

My wife spends way too much time on Facebook and talking to her friends on her phone. I can handle most of it, but when it comes to talking to friends, I get jealous. She says there’s nothing to worry about but I guess I’m insecure. Should I be concerned if she’s talking to other men and won’t let me…

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