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I’m So Resentful!

I’m ashamed at how resentful I am. I pray to get over the little things my wife does that annoy me, but everyday there’s more of the same and my resentment grows. She says I overreact to her little actions and I suspect she’s right. What can I do to let the small stuff remain small and clean the slate…

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Time for an Intervention

My husband uses alcohol excessively, but every time I confront him he becomes defensive. He complains that I’m making the issue bigger than it is and that he can control his drinking. I notice his behavior and mood change when he drinks. He becomes more irritable and angry. He says he is no different and insists this is not a…

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Hurting Words, Healing Words

My husband is sarcastic when angry. I must admit I can be hurtful back. I’m frightened about how resentful I’m getting and feel my love evaporating. What can we do to stop hurting each other?

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All She Does Is Complain!

My wife is a constant complainer. Nothing I do is ever good enough for her and I can’t seem to please her. Her complaining pushes me away and I can’t stand it. I’ve brought this to her attention, yet she continues to complain. Do you think she realizes how much she complains? What can I do to stop it?

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