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My Narcissistic Wife

You write a lot about narcissistic men, but what about narcissistic women? My wife seems focused on how things don’t go her way, and seems to have little interest in my feelings. Help!

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The Damage of Deception!

My husband lies about both small and big things, but most often about purchases he makes or ways he spends money. When I confront him, he makes excuses and turns the problem back on me. How can I get him to understand the horrific impact his deception has on me and on our marriage?

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We Keep Fighting the Same Old Way

My husband and I are smart people, yet we repeat the same pattern: complain, fight, withdraw, and then do it all over again. You’d think we could break this pattern, but we cannot seem to. How can we stop it and then develop a new, healthier pattern?

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The Dangers of Labeling Your Mate

My wife looks up all the traits she believes I have and then makes her own diagnosis. Then she goes to our marriage counselor and tells him what she thinks is wrong with me. Not only do I think she’s unqualified to diagnose me, but I feel tremendously hurt by her labeling. How do I help her see this?

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