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Chaos or Predictability?

My wife is chronically late and misses payments on our bills, which she’s agreed to handle. When I confront her about these issues, she tells me I have to live with these small problems. She refuses to change, and actually turns the issues back on me, blaming me for expecting too much of her. Who is right about this?

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Married to a Dry Drunk?

Do you think it’s possible to be “drunk” without having anything to drink? My husband gets into moods that remind me of what he was like when he used to drink, even though he no longer consumes alcohol. Can you help me understand this?

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Desperately Seeking Emotional Connection

What can I do to increase my emotional connection to my husband? When I ask if anything is bothering him, he always says no and refuses to talk to me. When I press him to share more with me, he becomes irritated. What can I do? I feel so lonely!

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The Power of Choice

Every aspect of my life is out of control. I feel as though my husband is falling out of love with me, my children no longer respect me, and I’m invisible at work. What can I do to feel more in control of my life and make people care about me?

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