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Diary of a Poor Listener

I never feel as though my husband truly listens to me. He rudely says, “Would you hurry up and get to the point,” or “I know what you’re thinking.” How do I get him to really listen to me?

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Through His Angry Eyes

My husband yells at me when he’s angry. He calls me names and says derogatory things about me. He almost always apologizes later. The problem is, I can’t get his words out of my head. They echo in my mind and I’m beginning to see myself the way he sees me when he’s angry. What can I do to only…

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Stop Taking Things Personally!

My husband comes home every night irritable. He works very hard and I know he doesn’t mean to be abrupt with me, but he is. He says he has problems at work and this is what causes his moodiness. Yet, I can’t seem to stop taking his attitude personally. Can you help?

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My Wife Withholds Sex!

My wife withholds sex from me, and I believe she does it to punish me. Anytime I do anything wrong, I can count on not having sexual intimacy for some time. The Bible talks against this and yet she still does it. How can I get my wife to see that withholding sex is wrong and hurtful to our marriage?

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