Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott’s Love Talk Indicator

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Love Talk Indicator

Love Talk IndicatorThe Love Talk Assessment Couple’s Report is the most powerful communication assessment available for identifying, understanding and maximizing your two talk styles. With the 18-page Love Talk Assessment, each of you will receive the following pieces of information:

Your Combined Talk Styles

  • How the Two of You Solve Problems Together
  • How You Influence Each Other
  • How the Two of You React To Change
  • How You Make Decisions Together

Your Personalized Three-Step Plan for Enjoying More Love Talk

  • How You Can Experience More Love Talk to Your Partner
  • How Your Partner Can Experience Love Talk With You

The Love Talk Indicator is jam-packed with practical how-tos, tailored to your relationship. With this report you’ll know exactly how to create a fail-proof emotional safety zone in your relationship that guarantees instant communication and a deeper connection. Deeper than you ever dreamed possible.

Purchase Your Personalized Plan for Enjoying More Love Talk
Purchase a single Love Talk Indicator code and take the assessment immediately. The assessment retails for $30.00 but is available for a limited time at only $14.95. Remember, you can always come back later and purchase an additional love talk indicator for your partner and receive your Love Talk couples report. Entire process typically takes less than 15 minutes per person.

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