Newlyweds Jeremy Camp and Adrienne Liesching tell us what makes them click.

They met over a prayer. Adrienne Liesching, former lead singer of The Benjamin Gate, sprained her ankle while on performing in the “Festival Con Dios” tour in September 2002. BEC recording artist Jeremy Camp, also on the tour, approached Liesching backstage to let her know that he had been praying for her.

She said, “By the way, my name is Adrienne.”

He said, “I’m Jeremy. Nice to meet you.”

Her first impression of him was that he had “huge arms.” His first impression of her was that she was a “wild rock chick.” But they “clicked” immediately. Increasingly together in their free time, the two found themselves becoming more interested in growing closer to one another — especially as each realized how intent the other was upon growing closer to God.

Friends began to notice (and comment on) the growing camaraderie between Liesching and Camp. It became evident that there was more than just a friendship on the line. Neither of them were willing to play games — they wanted to be honest with one another from the start. So they discussed their relationship right away.

He said they had very good communication.

She said it was crazy.

“The very first day Jeremy and I had an official date,” Liesching says, “we sat down and he just said to me, ‘Look, I don’t want to date you unless there are intentions of us getting married.’ And I said exactly the same thing. I have always thought if there’s no intention to marry, then what’s the point? So straightaway, we were on the same page.”

Liesching and Camp were married Dec. 15 in Jeremy’s home state of Indiana and we got the chance to chat with both the bride and groom separately by phone to find out how they met, how Camp proposed and what their relationship is like. From the beginning, the couple may have been on the same page about marital intentions. But what makes their relationship special? What qualities does he possess that made Liesching realize he was the man she wanted to marry and vice versa?

Who liked who first?

Jeremy: I think she liked me first. Adrienne: Jeremy’s convinced that I liked him before he liked me, but I don’t think so.

How did Jeremy propose?

Jeremy: I had called ahead to a restaurant and said, “Hey, I’m going to get engaged in your restaurant. I’m going to have a friend bring in a CD player with the song, ‘Here I Am to Worship’ in there. And I want you to put the CD player behind a curtain so she can’t see it.” Adrienne: We went in to this cute little restaurant in downtown Nashville and (Jeremy said), “Two for Camp,” and the waitress said, “Oh, yes, yes.” So, I thought, “That’s weird.”

Jeremy: So we get there and they were trying not to be too obvious.

Adrienne: We had a really good time. When we finished eating everything, the waitress brought us these little takeaway boxes. And while this is happening, Jeremy kicks something under the table and says, “Oh, what’s this?” So we looked and it was a portable CD player. Jeremy: So I picked the CD player up and she says, “What’s going on?” I had never seen the CD player before in my life, so I’m sitting there fiddling with it, looking like a moron. And I’m thinking, “Darn it, I’m ruining the whole thing!” I was a little freaked out — a little stressed. And I finally pushed play and you hear “Here I Am To Worship.” Adrienne: My ring was in one of the little takeaway boxes. I don’t even think he said, “Will you marry me?” He was so nervous!

Jeremy: I got down on my knees and started bawling. I couldn’t say, “Will you marry me?” So I just gave her a big hug and put the ring on her finger. I never actually said, “Will you marry me?” I think it was just kind of a given. The people in the restaurant were clapping; it was quite amazing. We went out of the restaurant and prayed and cried again.

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What is your favorite thing about each other?

Jeremy: Her sensitivity to what God’s doing in her life. I can tell she really wants to grow and wants to know the Lord more. That was the thing that really attracted me to her.

Adrienne: His love for God — it brings me so much security knowing that whatever we face in our marriage, Jeremy loves God and hears God’s voice. And then on a not-so-serious note, his sense of humor. He is so cute! He’s an absolute nerd and I love it.

What is the best thing about your relationship?

Jeremy: Our communication. That and we spend time in the Word together and in prayer.

Adrienne: Our friendship. I feel like we’re so comfortable with each other. We talk so much about everything. There’s so much openness in our relationship. And then also the fact that we love loving God together. We have the same vision for our life and we’re so excited.

Sharing a vision for their life together is only one of the many things that make the couple so compatible, Camp and Liesching say.

“If someone is going to be compatible, that has to be their number one focus — to know the Lord more and put Him first above anything and everything,” Camp says. “That way you can work together and point each other to Jesus.”

From that focus has come a mutual desire to minister to people.

Liesching says Camp hopes to become an ordained pastor shortly after they are married. Camp says the two hope to minister to youth through a camp they plan to someday build in Indiana, where they will live as a married couple. Both say that their hearts for God and serving others is what attracted them to one another.

“You’ve got two different people,” Liesching says. “A male and a female who are completely different. But God put Jeremy and I together to help each other.”

“My desire is to know the Lord more and put Christ first in my life,” Camp adds. “And I know that she wants to know the Lord more and she has put Christ first in her life. We both have the same vision for ministry and the same heart for the Lord. It’s totally a God thing and it makes me love her more.”

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