For SONICFLOOd fans who yearn for worship a bit more edgy, sophomore solo project, Light, by Jeff Deyo, should sound just right. Light runs parallel in sound to SONICFLOOd’s pop-rock worship, which is marked by bright percussion, proverbial electric six-string and light, easy-to-sing harmonies.

Deyo (former SONICFLOOd lead singer) has definitely taken this release up a few notches. Although not straying far from the rhythm and musical texture of his first solo release, Saturate, the tempo is certainly faster throughout the whole project. Deyo is undoubtedly beginning to define his own musical style.

Not only is this CD chock full of tasty, modern worship, Deyo also peppers the album with short messages (both gospel and encouraging), recorded in his own voice. These add a nice touch to the smooth-flowing record. In fact, Deyo doesn’t venture far from a consistent style. From ballad to rock, the experience of Light is silky, straightforward and enjoyable.

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While store shelves are packed with worship CDs of all kinds, Deyo truly does modern worship a favor with Light. Its uncomplicated rock ‘n’ roll and fresh lyrics make Light a great album. The gospel message comes through loud and clear amidst a musical style that many will find agreeable.

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