Chris Tomlin, author of worship songs like “Forever” and “We Bow Down,” offers up his second studio release, Not To Us. A Houston native, Tomlin has traveled extensively with the “Passion Experience” tour, leading worship in churches and on college campuses across the country.

As in his first release, Tomlin makes it clear that Not To Us is first and foremost dedicated to Christ. The songs are meant to please God’s ears, not ours. Fortunately, quality musicianship and thoughtful writing make the album an enjoyable experience.

Tomlin adds his own band to the mix this time around, bringing unity and coherence to the project. Production on the album is kept simple, utilizing mostly the band and their instruments. The end result has more of a “band” sound than his previous release, adding additional musical depth.

The album is balanced, offering not just musical, but lyrical depth as well. Many songs are based firmly on scripture. A standout track, “Enough,” is based on 2 Corinthians 12:9, which reminds us that Christ alone is sufficient for all our needs.

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“Come Home Running” is a departure from the traditional worship song. It’s a song of repentance, calling the unbeliever to faith and the prodigal to come running home to his loving Heavenly Father.

In Not To Us, Tomlin reminds us that Jesus alone is worthy to be praised. It was His sacrifice that brought us life, and it is He who gives us the strength to live each day.

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