Spiritual Discovery

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When tough times arrive in your marriage—whether due to job loss, health crisis, pornography use, or simply baggage you both carry into your union—there’s nothing like the comfort of knowing that when you’re joined in faith in Christ, you can seek God together to see you through. The added bonus of prayer for and with each other is one of God’s great gifts. But perhaps you and your spouse aren’t on the same page spiritually—you’re more interested in growth, while your mate is comfortably complacent. Or perhaps you are the sole Christ-follower in your marriage. Whether your relationship is built around a common faith you seek to live out daily and share with others, or you’re the only believer in your family, there’s so much God longs to offer you. Your spiritual walk is a journey of discovery, in which you seek God through prayer, Bible study, evangelism, and fellowship with other believers. The following articles will guide and encourage you in the process of this discovery—whether you do it on your own, with a spouse at a differing stage of spiritual maturity, or joined hand-in-hand with your mate, eager to grow together and bring the good news to those you encounter in your everyday lives.

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Friends Who Pray for You

Persevere in doing what is right — someone is praying for you.

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What does the Bible Say about War?

Is it ever right to fight?

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Ingredients of Growth

Some of the saddest scenarios that I have heard are the ones involving people who have honestly tried their best to grow in some area, and have been unable to succeed.

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Confession: The Open Door

When most of us think of confession, we get some kind of idea about “being in trouble.”

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In Defense of Your Faith

Just like soldiers, we become stronger in Christ when we use His armor every day.

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Lasting Love

Those who have lost a loved one know what it means to yearn for the presence of someone they love.

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Stepping Off the Curb

When Couples Pray Together.

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Your Other Job

Your job is no longer just a job. In God’s hands it’s a spiritual tool.

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Starbucks Spirituality

If you could have coffee with the most influential Jewish person who ever lived — would you?

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How to Connect with God

Your spiritual link with God is an admission that you’re surrendering control of your life with its successes or hurts to Him. You are admitting that you do not have the ability to change your own life.

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