Spiritual Discovery

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When tough times arrive in your marriage—whether due to job loss, health crisis, pornography use, or simply baggage you both carry into your union—there’s nothing like the comfort of knowing that when you’re joined in faith in Christ, you can seek God together to see you through. The added bonus of prayer for and with each other is one of God’s great gifts. But perhaps you and your spouse aren’t on the same page spiritually—you’re more interested in growth, while your mate is comfortably complacent. Or perhaps you are the sole Christ-follower in your marriage. Whether your relationship is built around a common faith you seek to live out daily and share with others, or you’re the only believer in your family, there’s so much God longs to offer you. Your spiritual walk is a journey of discovery, in which you seek God through prayer, Bible study, evangelism, and fellowship with other believers. The following articles will guide and encourage you in the process of this discovery—whether you do it on your own, with a spouse at a differing stage of spiritual maturity, or joined hand-in-hand with your mate, eager to grow together and bring the good news to those you encounter in your everyday lives.

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Rocky Roads

Job Loss, Change in Life Direction.

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Holy Hunches

Responding to the promptings of God …

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Every Day Deserves a Chance

You no longer have yesterday.

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The Organic God

I began praying for spiritual hunger and haven’t stopped…

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Time to Take Out the Trash

It always happens the same way. It starts so slowly that it is barely noticeable.

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Because It’s True for You, But Not for Me

All I’m asking for is a little consistency, a little integrity here…

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As You Wish

The heart that learns to say, “As you wish,” from one moment to the next opens itself to the Power of the Universe.

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Praying For My Life

Pastors rarely preach from it. For years I didn’t even know how to pronounce its name…

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Just Walk Across the Room

Taking the First Step to Winning People For Christ.

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Toxic Fear of God

Fear God: If God is nothing more than a rule keeper or a commandment maker, then why would anyone want anything to do with him?

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