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That’s the Power of Love

“Sex sells,” goes the saying. And that’s true, because sex consumes our thoughts, affects our behaviors, and can bring us either tremendous joy and intimacy, or incredible shame and heartache.

Sex has this pull on us because it’s intrinsic to our nature. God created us sexual beings, male and female – and according to his design, the marriage between a man and woman is the appropriate context in which to lovingly express and enjoy sexual intimacy.

But unfortunately, something that should be so intuitive and natural isn’t always so. When communication misfires or conflicts occur, sex can push couples further apart than draw them closer together. Issues such as differing desire levels or frequency expectations may prevent your needs from being met and leave you grappling with frustration, disappointment, or feelings of rejection. Perhaps your sex life seems mechanical, boring, or even hurried, and you wonder if it’s possible to turn around what’s become routine into something mutually satisfying and exciting. What’s permissible – and what’s off-limits – in the bedroom, and what boundaries you should set with your spouse? Is the use of erotica, pornography, or the practice of masturbation ever okay? And how can you and your spouse safeguard your marriage by controlling lust and sexual temptation as you live out your covenant in this in-your-face, sex-saturated culture?

Our fallen nature – and a broken world – impact all aspects of life, including our love life. But the good news is, God’s in the restoration business, and he really cares about the health of your sex life. With his help and healing, and the wise counsel in the following articles, you can learn to experience God-honoring and truly fulfilling sexual intimacy.

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