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Before You Say “I Do”
Perhaps you’ve met The One, and you’re already plotting the perfect wedding. But before you get preoccupied with picking out the flowers or saying “yes” to the dress, hit the pause button for a second. Consider this: While creating a memorable wedding day is incredibly exciting (and, let’s face it, stressful!), creating the basis for a marriage that thrives after the ceremony’s over and the party’s packed up is even more crucial.

You can start now, before you take those vows. Perhaps meet with a marriage mentor who can guide you in setting the proper foundation for a marriage that stands the test of time and the gale-force strength of trials. Don’t skip premarital counseling that can uncover all those unrealistic expectations and the messy baggage you both haul into your relationship – and provide wise words on how you can work through potential issues before they mushroom into major concerns.

Perhaps you’re still waiting for Mr. or Miss Right, currently living with someone, recovering from a bad breakup, or gunshy about re-entering the dating world after a failed first marriage. Whether you’re dating or waiting, you can make positive changes within yourself now that will set the stage for a successful  marriage later. Maybe it’s adjusting your “list” of what’s really desirable in a potential mate, setting sexual and emotional boundaries to safeguard your heart, or learning to dispell the many myths our culture perpetuates about sex, romance, and true love. No matter what the current state of your love life, the following articles can help.

Marriage-Bound or Just living together?

Cohabitation is a hot topic these days.

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Location, Catering, Flowers…Marriage Prep?

If you think about it, marriage preparation just makes good sense.

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Cohabiting Not Such a Good Idea After All

Cohabitation is on the rise and so are the consequences.

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Getting Out of a Bad Situation

What do you do if you’re convinced that living together is a bad idea, after all?

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Marriage Mentoring: The Difference it Can Make

Striking that more guidance is required when taking a whitewater rafting trip than the journey of marriage.

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Ten Considerations Before Marriage

While the first couple of years of marriage were exciting, some rough years followed…

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Entering Marriage as a Child of Divorce

Adult children of divorce are much more likely to get divorced than are those who grew up in traditional families.

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No One Told Me Marriage Was Like This

Since our honeymoon, I had known something was wrong, but I hoped the problem would fix itself.

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A Surprising Key

A surprising key to intimacy in courtship and marriage.

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Were So Close, But Not Spiritually

Just how important is it for an engaged or a married couple to see “eye to eye” when it comes to your faith in Christ?

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