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The Honeymoon's Over — Now What?

The thank-you notes are written, the spendy photo album's stowed in the nightstand, and your wedding presents are collecting dust in a guest-bedroom closet. You've been married a few months now, or maybe a few years, and people still call you “newlyweds.”

You feel like honeymooners when you're caught up in marital bliss — so many firsts to savor together! But the honeymoon's over (and real life's begun) when your “thrills” start getting overridden by some inevitable “chills”: The man of your dreams snores, or leaves the toilet seat up, or forgets to bring you coffee in bed. The woman of your dreams suddenly becomes a little naggy, or seems overly sensitive, or expects you to iron your own shirts! Add to this mix financial demands — student loans or an unexpected pregnancy – and emotional stresses – How do we handle the holidays with the in-laws? What routines should we follow? Suddenly wedded bliss feels more like wedded blah — or worse.

These early years in your marriage are the perfect time to learn how to deal constructively with the fallout of those unexpected disappointments and dashed expectations. It's all part of the adjustment phase of marriage, and God's in the thick of it with you and for you. He wants your marriage to thrive, and he'll guide you in the process. Along with seeking his wisdom, use the following articles to navigate the joys and the challenges of this adventure called marriage. Enjoy the ride!

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