Married Life

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Marriage in the Real World

Whether you’ve been married five years or fifty, you know life with your spouse is filled with its share of magic (when your relationship’s firing on all cylinders) and laugh-outloud moments — as well as those moments of outright miscommunication and downright conflict. Perhaps your needs for intimacy no longer match those of your partner, and you’re battling frustration or discouragement. Perhaps your relationship suddenly seems one-sided, or has become sidetracked by something as seemingly innocuous as fascination with social media or by pressing parenting problems, job changes, or even health concerns. Then there’s that little thing called “romance.”  Yes, romance is the icing on your marriage cake, but let’s face it, life often isn’t very romantic. The act of continually knitting together the busy lives of two imperfect people into a healthy Christian marriage can be a daunting task requiring loads of hard work, creativity, and reliance on God.

Anyone who’s been married for any length of time can relate to the challenges that crop up whenever you seek to build a more positive, joyful, and God-honoring union. That’s married life in the real world. The following articles will help you celebrate the unique life you share with your spouse in all its wonder — for it can be wonderful! — as well as guide you in your desire to up your love, better serve each other, and bridge the gap between differing needs – physical and emotional – and communication styles, so your marriage can stand the test of time.

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The Encouragement Challenge

I am an editor by trade and by natural bent. That means I have spent most of my adult life

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10 Questions To Ask Your Husband Every Year

We were on a trip with another family who were good friends. The other couple was so sweet to one

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Win Back Your Wife’s Heart

I’ve discovered most men have injured the women in their lives emotionally, at least at some level. That’s because most men

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Why Can’t I Say No?

Several years into my second marriage, I discovered that some of my marital problems had nothing to do with my

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Husband Appreciation

Rarely do I see Facebook comments about spouses that inspire me, but one friend posted more than 50 items on what

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What United Airlines Teaches Us About Marriage

I’ve gotten virtually no work done for the last two days. I’ve been riveted by the story of the Aviation

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Dare to Be a Quitter

Six years ago, my wife and I had reached a pinnacle. We’d just had our third and last child, my

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To the Moon!

A friend recently sent me a clip from a show that ran from the 1950s through the 1970s called The

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4 Things John Adams Taught Me About Marriage

I spent last week at Bible camp. In the evenings, I revisited the magnificent 2008 HBO mini-series John Adams (available

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Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light

Last week my husband and I had to make a major decision about something that was plopped in our laps

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