Healthy Marriage

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Whether you’ve battled the occasional flu virus or maybe a more chronic physical challenge, you know what it feels like to be healthy — or not. Maybe you shook hands with someone at church who had the flu, kissed a juicy-nosed child, or just feel “off,” and now you’re sick. You feel run down, out of balance, out of steam.

The same can happen to a marriage. Marriage — that living, growing relationship between you and your spouse — can be impacted by its external environment. For instance, are you spending too much time watching TV instead of interacting with your husband or wife? Are either or you stressed by outside factors such as your career, your kids, interfering friends or family, or even your hectic schedules? Or maybe the internal dynamics of your relationship are showing symptoms that there’s a different potential problem.

Whatever the case, it’s critically important you do everything you can to keep your marriage vital and strong — in other words, healthy. The following articles will help you diagnose the state of your most important earthly relationship, and give you the checkup you need to maintain or regain your marital health.

What If My Husband’s a Jerk?

My husband, Ron, admits he used to be a jerk. But then I discovered a concept that turned him into

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Fighting to Forgive

My wife and I fought a lot early in our marriage. We had a shouting match almost every day about

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Move Closer

When my husband and I are sitting together in a restaurant, he’ll pull my chair over and say, “Closer.” It’s

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How Marriage Mentors Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Do you and your spouse have mentors for your marriage? Forging a friendship with a couple who has been married

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Slow Down Your Marriage

Jim and I (Doug) meet with too many couples who have created a script for their marriages that substitutes Jesus’s

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Love That Stands Watch

He squeezed my hand as my body shook with pain. I clawed at the sheets as the fire grew in

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I’m Just “Helping”

God called Eve Adam’s “helpmate,” and as a helpmate myself, I take my job seriously. I help my husband drive

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When You’re Angry for Your Husband

“Lately, my husband cries a lot,” my friend Debbie shared. “He’s distraught about how his kids have to deal with

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6 Things You Must Know About Your Husband

When we first started having kids, my husband, Mark, was sometimes critical of me. It seemed as though every week

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The Encouragement Challenge

I am an editor by trade and by natural bent. That means I have spent most of my adult life

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