Best Sex Life Now Workshop


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Best Sex Life Now Video Sessions

Best Sex Life Now is ten video sessions from Dave & Ashley Willis of and Craig & Jeanette Gross of plus two bonus videos from Jennifer & Jon Kitna (16 year NFL player) and Aaron & Jennifer Smith. These sessions were created with the goal of helping married couples to have genuine intimacy and great sex! Learn More …

There are 10 videos in the series from Dave and Ashley and Craig and Jeanette.

Two bonus videos

10 bonus audio files —One for each lesson. Dave and Ashley and Craig and Jeanette go into more details on a mp3. file each week answering questions from people who are going through the series and diving into more details on each of the topics they covered in the video. These audio files range are roughly 1 hour in length for each lesson. So, you get an addition 8+ hours of content.   Learn More …

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