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Mark LasserDr. Mark Laaser holds a PhD in religion and psychology from the University of Iowa and a Mdiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. Mark is an internationally known author and speaker. including Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction.  He and his wife, Debra, started Faithful and True Ministries.
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Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction

In many ways we live in a sexually sinful culture.

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The Secret Sin: Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction or inordinate attention to sex is a common problem even for Christians.

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The Pornography Trap

We are experiencing an epidemic today of people who get “trapped” in pornography.

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Remaining Faithful and True

No matter what level of sexual sin has damaged a marriage, healing and restoration is possible.

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Daydream Believer: What’s the harm in a little fantasy?

Vision is the antidote to fantasy.

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Dad, Take Control of the Internet

Everyone has the potential to experience mortal failure.

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Masturbation: The Secret That Ruins Great Sex

Like the relationship of Christ to the church, are you willing to die for your wife?

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A Husband’s Sexual Sins

Can You Find Your Way Back From Betrayal?

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The Critical Need for Support in Recovery

Over and over again we have found that when people take the risk to get honest and to reach out for support and help, God is faithful and will provide or introduce us to those people.

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