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bio-petherbridgeLaura Petherbridge serves couples and single adults with topics on spiritual growth, relationships, stepfamilies, co-parenting, single parenting, divorce prevention, and divorce recovery. She is an international speaker and author of four books including, When “I Do” Becomes “I Don’t”—Practical Steps for Healing During Separation and Divorce, and The Smart Stepmom, co-authored with stepfamily expert Ron Deal and endorsed by Gary Chapman (Five Love Languages), 101Tips for The Smart Stepmom—Expert Advice from One Stepmom to Another and Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul-a devotional.

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When Your Husband’s Former Spouse Dies

There are often seasons in a stepmom’s life when she wishes her husband’s ex would move far, far away. Or,

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When You’re Angry for Your Husband

“Lately, my husband cries a lot,” my friend Debbie shared. “He’s distraught about how his kids have to deal with

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Why Can’t I Say No?

Several years into my second marriage, I discovered that , Steve, or his kids. I had dragged colossal emotional baggage

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Are You Dating an Abuser?

“My fiancé is jealous. He gets furious when I won’t dump my friends and spend all my free time with

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Overcoming My Big Mouth!

Territory For the first time in six weeks, I was grateful to have a broken ankle. It gave my husband and

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What I Wish the Church Knew About Divorce

Thirty-one years ago, I got divorced. I’ve lived 59 years, and without a doubt, divorce was the worst season of

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Why Relationships Fail

After more than twenty-five years in divorce recovery ministry, I’ve watched more marriages disintegrate than I can count. Why do

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My Stepchild Hates Me!

During a recent life coaching session, a stepmom shared, “I’m at a loss over what to do with my eight-year-old

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Stepmom Comebacks

If someone’s never experienced life in a stepfamily, it’s hard to comprehend the vast complexities in the stepfamily structure, the

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Handling the Holidays During Grief or Loss

Practical tips to share.

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