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Jay Dennis has been the lead pastor of Church at the Mall, Lakeland, Florida, since February, 1996. He attended Fuller Theological Seminary, California (Doctor of Ministry). He has pastored churches in Texas and Oklahoma and is married to his best friend Angie. At present he has multiple writing projects for future books. He serves as an executive cabinet of the National Clergy Council in Washington, D.C. Pastor Jay has a passion to lead men to live lives of moral purity. He has developed a ministry called Join One Million Men, which asks men inside churches of all denominations to make a commitment to live a pornography-free life.    ▸ Read more

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Yes, Christian Women Use Porn Too

Increasingly, Christian women are struggling with pornography Although women and men are hardwired differently, more women are battling this temptation

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What to Tell Your Son About Porn

More than 90 percent of teenagers has been exposed to pornography (many times accidentally, not intentionally). Teens are being bombarded with

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10 Truths About Masturbation

If you had told me years ago, when I entered the ministry, that I’d be addressing the subject of masturbation,

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Make a Covenant With Your Eyes

Think about this: the godliest man in the world had a need to address the potential for lust through what

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