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Alice Taylor is the founder of The Grace Spot, a ministry dedicated to supporting women who struggle with pornography. She aims to break stigma, and provide resources for recovery, specifically created for women, by women. Find The Grace Spot at or follow along on Facebook and Instagram @thegspot_ministries.

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I Was the Christian Girl Addicted to Porn

When I was twelve, I first discovered soft-core online pornography. Somehow, in the days of dial-up internet, I found it.

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4 Ways You Can Fight Porn Addiction Today

Recovering from porn addiction or breaking any habitual struggle can feel a lot like crash dieting. There are wall-to-wall resources

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Three Lies Women Struggling with Porn Believe

The Lies of Pornography Women face all kinds of deception in our society. The lies we believe are rampant. We

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How to Overcome Pornography Addiction

The Power of Porn Trying to overcome pornography addiction can feel like an impossible task. No matter how determined and

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