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What I Wish the Church Knew About Divorce

Thirty-one years ago, I got divorced. I’ve lived 59 years, and without a doubt, divorce was the worst season of

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children and marriage

My Stepchild Hates Me!

During a recent life coaching session, a stepmom shared, “I’m at a loss over what to do with my eight-year-old

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Thrive in the Midst of Stepparenting

In the real world of stepparenting, marriage often comes in fourth place—after kids, stepkids, ex-spouse feuds, and mere survival. And

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How to Accept Your Stepkids’ Mom

Roger and I had been married three months when his ex-wife emailed him to figure out plans for Christmas. When

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Stepmom Comebacks

If someone’s never experienced life in a stepfamily, it’s hard to comprehend the vast complexities in the stepfamily structure, the

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Marriage Ghost Busting

Ghost Busting

Terri’s first husband had an affair. She came home one day to discover he had packed his stuff and moved

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Learning to Speak Marriage Again

I have magic feel-good fingernails. I know this because my late husband, David, told me so.  Every time I scratched

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Better Love

Dating and the Single Parent

Purpose in Dating Does your dating have purpose? What do you mean, Ron? Isn’t the purpose of dating to find

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Stepfamily Strategy

Do you have a Stepfamily Strategy?

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The Blame Game

When stepparents and stepchildren struggle to connect or have a strained relationship, family members naturally look for something, or someone, to blame.

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