Spiritual Intimacy

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spiritually superior

Feeling Spiritually “Superior”?

Cathy and Jim had been married for almost 20 years. At the beginning of their marriage, neither of them took

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Christian Marriage

He’s Not a Christian?

Here’s help for you…

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Praying for Your Husband

Why pray this way?

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10 Ideas: Making Time for Your Spouse

How to keep marriage on the front burner of life.

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Holy Sex

A Spiritual Romance

The Pleasure Reason

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Love for a Lifetime

The daily walking out of your love CAN last through all the ups and downs of life and still grow stronger as time passes.

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Looking for God

The Sacred Echo

‘I love you’ is just the beginning of an awakening…

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The Broken Light Switch

Repeatedly Flipping on A Broken Light Switch.

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Meet Your Best Friend

God creates us as individuals, not as carbon copies, so put your own fingerprints on the steps that follow.

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The God-Centered Spouse

Are you a God-centered spouse?

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