The Dementia Experiment

Gracie and Ken were married very young, at 20 and 21. “We always had a great marriage,” says Gracie. “Always

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40 Ways to Say “I Love You

 We’ve combined these activities with a list from Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey, added some additional ideas, and

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save a marriage

Chronic Illness & Kids: One Happy Family

For most couples, the decision to have a child is a no-brainer. After a year or two of married life,

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When Chronic Illness Enters Your Marriage

Very few couples actually give “the sickness” part of their vows much thought.

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Can Cooking Heat Up Your Marriage?

Cooking is not one of my spiritual gifts.

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An Important Book

The Life We Shared: Letters of love, loss and healing…

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Becoming Best Friends

Marriage, from an outside perspective, seems like it should be “natural” but in actuality it takes work.

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