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When Your Spouse Is Unemployed

When a job loss happens, it can feel devastating to a family, and even more so to one-income couples. However,

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Who, Me? Selfish?

Marriage not only brought me face-to-face with my dream girl, it brought me face to face with my selfishness. Sure,

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Questioning the Ones You Love

When I was a mama of three very tiny, very messy, very beautiful rug rats, we had DAYS THAT WENT

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Relating to the Emotionally Detached Man

The Man Who Thought He Was An Ostrich “I’m so frustrated,” Carolyn said, spitting out her words. “Why do I

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Husband Bashing

Don’t Join in on the Husband-Bashing You can imagine the scene. Maybe you’ve been a part of the scene. Between

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Who Meets My Needs? Depend on the Lord

Bride: I have never felt as deeply loved as I have longed to be. I am expecting you to meet

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His Needs, Her Needs

Simple suggestions for loving your spouse and putting your spouse’s needs first.

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Understanding Your Needs

Identifying and Understanding Your Needs…

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Relationship Radar

Happily Married Women: what is the secret to a healthy marriage? Women are endowed with inborn ‘relationship radar’…

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