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Internet Idolatry

My husband and I recently saw the movie Everest, a tragic spellbinder about two expeditions that met with massive storms

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Tech-savvy Tips to Grow Your Marriage

Not long ago, I heard about a guy who told his wife he wanted out of their six-year marriage. He

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Alan Powell, The Song Movie

Alan Powell, The Song

We sat down with Alan Powell, co-star in THE SONG, the story of aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King (Powell), whose life

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Television and Marriage

Breaking Up with Our TV

My husband and I have struggled against the awkward presence of a third party in our marriage. It’s not the

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Are You Married to Media?

Technology is evolving so quickly that many of us are barely aware of how our behavior is changing and how our most important relationships are threatened.

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Relationship

I’m often asked to give a few tips on how to make your relationship better. . .

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Taming the Media Monster

Each day assorted voices lure you and your spouse away from each other: television, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, and video games.

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Facebook: Marriage Cyber Threat?

Is Facebook, the world’s fastest growing online social network, just another in a long list of cyber threats to your marriage?

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No Greater Love, the Film

A new film you can’t miss! . . .

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