The “M” Word

Is masturbation right or wrong? I dread answering this question because masturbation is a complicated issue that doesn’t lend itself

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Going Sexless

There is one area of married life people shouldn’t go “-less” in …

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Can We Do That?

The Bible often gives more freedom than our consciences can accept . . .

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7 Negative Effects of Porn

Think you’re not affected? Think again.

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Husband Addiction

Does my Husband Have a Sexual Addiction?

Does my husband have a sexual addiction?

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Pornography: The Great Escape

Conquering America’s #1 Addiction…

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When Good Men Are Tempted

Why do naked women look so good?

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Fooled by Fantasy

Why does our sex-saturated society set us up for failure?…

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The Secret Sin: Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction or inordinate attention to sex is a common problem even for Christians.

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The M Word

Masturbation: The Secret That Ruins Great Sex

Like the relationship of Christ to the church, are you willing to die for your wife?

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