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Holy Sex

A Love Story

Whenever I’m in public, I like to watch how couples interact. There’s a lot I can learn about a relationship through observation.

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40 Ways to Say “I Love You

 We’ve combined these activities with a list from Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey, added some additional ideas, and

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A Beautiful Wedding

As a marriage mentor, I’ve attended more than fifty weddings over the past twelve years. But this summer we witnessed the

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Marriage, Not a Priority?

This past weekend, my husband and I were enjoying a warm lazy Sunday afternoon as we sat in a park

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Marriage Tips

There are lots of marriage tips out there, it’s difficult to sort them all out. Well… hopefully I can resolve that dilemma. Recently, I

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Friends… With Benefits

When I (Amanda) was in college, I had a really great friend, Dave. He’d dated a few girls, but those

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Husband Addiction

Reason for Hope

Like most wives, I love my husband very much. Through the years I frequently said “I love you” to my

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Shades of Grey

Pursuing Romance the Old-Fashioned Way

An exclusive interview with Rik Swartzwelder, writer-director-actor, whose independent feature film Old Fashioned will be released in theaters over Valentine’s

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Love Being Married

With more than three decades of marriage to my husband, Rich, under my belt, I’ve learned marriage is a wondrous

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marriage love

The Mystery of Love

The Choice The intense influence you have on each other creates a vulnerable atmosphere in your home. It changes from

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