Love Language


The Dementia Experiment

Gracie and Ken were married very young, at 20 and 21. “We always had a great marriage,” says Gracie. “Always

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40 Ways to Say “I Love You

 We’ve combined these activities with a list from Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey, added some additional ideas, and

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Then Baby Makes Three

Some time ago, a young man sat in my office and said, “I’ve lost my wife.” “Do you mean she’s

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Husband Addiction

Reason for Hope

Like most wives, I love my husband very much. Through the years I frequently said “I love you” to my

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Little is Big

Not long ago, the marriage of some close friends, Jessica* and Daniel*, suddenly imploded. I’ll never forget a conversation I

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Learning to Speak Marriage Again

I have magic feel-good fingernails. I know this because my late husband, David, told me so.  Every time I scratched

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Date Nights and the “D” Word

1.  Schedule a regular date night. This one isn’t new, but it’s very important. Never stop dating your spouse.  Even

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Oral Sex Okay?

It Doesn’t Begin in the Bedroom

A marriage can’t be sustained with romance alone.

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Making an Intimate Difference

Making Touch Meaningful Couples need to create emotional bonding times. Keeping the flames of romance alive may not always seem

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Emotional Needs

What are my needs? What are his? . . .

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