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Purity in Marriage: Was it Worth it?

About four years into our marriage, I (Craig) did something really stupid that hurt my wife, Amy. I was in

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Brad Pitt, Brangelina

Can You Love Your Husband and Brad Pitt Too?

Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.

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I Want Sex More Than My Husband Does

I Want Sex More Than My Husband Does

For many women, the “men always want more sex” stereotype has been fed to them for so many years that

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The Myth of More Sex

The myth of having more sex— that if a wife was more sexually active with her husband, it would offset

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The Same-Old-Sex Syndrome

After about ten years of marriage, I noticed that intimacy with my husband had become . . . well .

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Home Improvement

The Art of Marriage Maintenance

The bottom line for my marriage is that God has called my wife, Cheryl, and me to invest in the

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Holy Sex

Who Needs a Second Honeymoon? You!

Staying faithful doesn’t involve just not sleeping with someone other than your spouse. It means putting your best effort and

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marriage twerks

The Marriage That Works, Twerks—And Other Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

What do you do when you’re more adventurous in bed than your husband, or he wants to  do things that

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Safety Before Intimacy

 The gentleman sitting before me was utterly demoralized, his face ashen with his long, graying hair falling into his face.

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Intimacy Anorexia

In our research on sexual addiction, we have found that approximately one-third of the men who are sexual addicts who

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