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Friends… With Benefits

When I (Amanda) was in college, I had a really great friend, Dave. He’d dated a few girls, but those

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Your Shady Past

Here’s the scenario: You have quite a past—whether it’s drug use or alcohol or past sexual activity. Then you got

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Recycle Your Marriage

What can you do to recycle your marriage instead of throwing in the towel?

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A Drama Free Marriage

A prescription for living free.

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Speaking Truth to Your Spouse

Unwholesome Talk, Language That Tears down

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Financial Infidelity

When it comes to finances, do you shade the truth?

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Decoding the Language of Sex

Do you know the formula for great sex?

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Thre Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

How to have a powerful marriage…

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Care Fronting

Godly Infatuation

Resisting A Ministry Affair

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