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The Dementia Experiment

Gracie and Ken were married very young, at 20 and 21. “We always had a great marriage,” says Gracie. “Always

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healing marriage

The Healing Power of Marriage

I have a quick quiz I’d like you to take. No boning up for this one. Just give the first

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The New Monogamy: Affair Aftershocks

Refining your relationship after infidelity.

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The New Monogamy

The Affair as a Catalyst for Positive Change The discovery of an affair can spark a crisis that can lead

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Why Couples Fail After an Affair

Surviving an affair requires the creation of a safe space  . . . 

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Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Consideration and Respect

Consideration and Respect Be considerate: The deception associated with infidelity destroys trust. The unfaithful spouse can provide safety by determining

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Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Personal Safety

Personal Safety Physical safety is a must if a relationship is to be safe enough for recovery. With infidelity comes

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Home Improvement

Rebuilding Trust in Marriage

When trust is violated by sexual sin . . .

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Understanding Adultery

It is possible to restore a marriage after an affair.

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Hope For the Broken Marriage

As more and more broken couples reach out for help, too many are not finding what they really need to rebuild their relationship

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