How to Fight Income Inequality: Get Married

President Obama wants to reduce income inequality, he should focus less on redistributing income and more on fighting a major

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new normal

My New Normal

My first husband died three years ago, and within 36 months I went from living the American dream to becoming

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Dive, Water

Are You Ready for a Deep Dive in Your Marriage?

Food for thought…

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Passionately Pursue Your Spouse

I love a good list…

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How Routines Protect Your Marriage

Learning to say “No”..

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10 Biblical Essentials for a Great Marriage

Growing together as a couple . . .

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Growing Together in Marriage

Feel like you’ve outgrown your marriage? Discover the truth about “growing apart”!

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An Interview with Angie Smith

An interview with author, Angie Smith

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Are You Willing to Grow Up?

You tend to speak negatively of other people. Whether in one-on-one conversations or in large groups, your habit is to

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A Drama Free Marriage

A prescription for living free.

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