Got Thorns in Your Marriage?

A husband once shared with a friend his secret to making his marriage last. “We go to a nice restaurant

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When Irritations Strike

When I meet with couples before they get married, during their last season of premarital counseling, I ask, “What do

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Got Grace

Got Grace?

After years of working with marriages, including my own, I’ve come to a conclusion: Marriages that struggle often lack one

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Who, Me? Selfish?

Marriage not only brought me face-to-face with my dream girl, it brought me face to face with my selfishness. Sure,

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Care Fronting

What It Means to Forgive

Four basic decisions help us forgive others the way God forgives us.

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The Gift of Breathing Room

This is a tale of two wives, Hannah and April. Each loves her husband dearly. Each is blessed with a

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