Make Marriage Fun

As someone who studies marriages, I see more and more married couples just going through the routines of marriage without

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Holy Sex

Who Needs a Second Honeymoon? You!

Staying faithful doesn’t involve just not sleeping with someone other than your spouse. It means putting your best effort and

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marriage twerks

The Marriage That Works, Twerks—And Other Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

What do you do when you’re more adventurous in bed than your husband, or he wants to  do things that

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Have Fun!

God Wants Couples to Have Fun The most important similarity between fun and romance is that both are God-created. And

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Date Night Tips

Too many couples settle for mediocrity in their marriage, when they would never settle for second best in other areas

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Relationship

I’m often asked to give a few tips on how to make your relationship better. . .

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10 Ideas: Making Time for Your Spouse

How to keep marriage on the front burner of life.

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It’s a Date

One of the best decisions you can make.

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