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Then Baby Makes Three

Some time ago, a young man sat in my office and said, “I’ve lost my wife.” “Do you mean she’s

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Marriage Over Calling

I’m not convinced God calls anyone but Jesus to save the world. Sure, world leaders can have great influence. Change-makers

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Adoptions are Expensive!

When faced with a large obstacle—like an expensive adoption bill—taking the first step is the hardest. But where do you

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Alan Powell, The Song Movie

Alan Powell, The Song

We sat down with Alan Powell, co-star in THE SONG, the story of aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King (Powell), whose life

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Legacy in Marriage

Breaking the Hurt Legacy

The Habits We Learn We are all imperfect people. We live in a fallen world, and sin is a reality

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children and marriage

10 Things Kids Learn From Their Parents’ Marriage

10 things that I know my kids have observed…

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Bond With Your Babe

Valuable lessons in the art of motherhood and marriage . . .

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Your Intercultural Marriage

The benefits and riches of intercultural marriage far outweigh the frustrations.

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Are You Experiencing Real Intimacy?

Marital problems run rampant in our culture when people assume that “intimacy” will sustain a relationship.

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Babyproofing Your Marriage

Keep the flames alive!

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