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Millennials Divorced from Reality

 — you fall in love and share your life together. Our great grandparents did it, our grandparents followed suit, and

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My Husband Wasn’t the Spiritual Leader I Wanted!

I Needed Him to Lead Spiritually As a young wife, I (Erin) can remember the disappointment I felt in my

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10 Secrets to a Happier Marriage

We all have a number of myths we tend to believe about marriage. But , but in your relationship with

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8 Ways to Cultivate a Happy Marriage

I come from a long line of broken marriages. So as a young bride, I wanted to learn the secret

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How To Make Your Imperfect Marriage Better

I don’t have a perfect marriage. I have a good marriage. My wife, Cheryl, and I work at it. We

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No More Mini-Me

My blogging friend Cheri laughs about how naive she was before she married. “I still have a letter I sent

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Climate Control

For twelve months, Jennifer meticulously planned her wedding. Everything was going according to plan. Everything except the one factor she

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It’s Not About the Dishes

You come home from work to a leaning tower of plates in the sink. So instead of getting to relax,

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Marriage in the Real World

Jim got sick and had to forsake his climb up the corporate ladder, bringing a stress he never anticipated into

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Honeymoon Envy

Honeymoon Envy

A beach honeymoon on the Riviera — sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Not so much . . . On the morning of

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