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The Friends We Keep

The Friends We Keep

Do the friends I keep really make a difference in my marriage? Absolutely. Just ask the apostle Paul, who quoted

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How to Fight Income Inequality: Get Married

President Obama wants to reduce income inequality, he should focus less on redistributing income and more on fighting a major

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healing marriage

The Healing Power of Marriage

I have a quick quiz I’d like you to take. No boning up for this one. Just give the first

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A Strong Hope

Our Spouse Feels a Strong Hope When We Encourage Their God-Given Abilities There are specific grace-filled exercises we can add

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lost that lovin feeling

Decide to Build a Love That Lasts

All great relationships start when people choose to trust God…

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Embracing Your Calling

For most of us, God has been weaving a story full of ebbs and flows. The successes and failures, the

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Dive, Water

Are You Ready for a Deep Dive in Your Marriage?

Food for thought…

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Relationship

I’m often asked to give a few tips on how to make your relationship better. . .

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5 Ways to Transform Your Marriage

There are some simple, practical, and transforming actions that can be taken to change a tone/vibe/environment within your home and marriage.

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Does a Good God Want Me in a Bad Marriage?

You may be wondering how anything positive could possibly come from your hurting marriage.

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