Divorce Prevention


Millennials Divorced from Reality

 — you fall in love and share your life together. Our great grandparents did it, our grandparents followed suit, and

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7 Ways a Husband Wounds a Wife

Most husbands I know would never injure their wife knowingly. They want to be her protector. But  And, most of

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9 Marriage Troublemakers you Need to Avoid

I feel bad for marital communication, because it gets blamed for everything. For generations, in survey after survey, couples have

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Married to an Emasculating Woman?

My husband, LeRoy, and I are different. What an understatement! My family of origin welcomed debate and practiced it loudly

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Extraordinary Prayer

A few years ago in a North Carolina hotel room, God abruptly awakened me at 3:27 a.m. I know it

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Mending Your Marriage

Why Relationships Fail

After more than twenty-five years in divorce recovery ministry, I’ve watched more marriages disintegrate than I can count. Why do

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Climate Control

For twelve months, Jennifer meticulously planned her wedding. Everything was going according to plan. Everything except the one factor she

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Why the Kardashians Aren’t Keeping Up with Marriage

Kim Kardashian is preparing for a wedding with boyfriend Kanye West. Her marriage last year lasted just 72 days, as

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Tony and Lauren Dungy

Build a Better Team

Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy and his wife, Lauren, believe you can have an uncommon marriage—one that stands the test

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lost that lovin feeling

Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

All marriages go through periods where things just aren’t as they should be. The stress and pace of life cause

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