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9 Marriage Troublemakers you Need to Avoid

I feel bad for marital communication, because it gets blamed for everything. For generations, in survey after survey, couples have

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Television and Marriage

Breaking Up with Our TV

My husband and I have struggled against the awkward presence of a third party in our marriage. It’s not the

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Got Grace

Got Grace?

After years of working with marriages, including my own, I’ve come to a conclusion: Marriages that struggle often lack one

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Home Improvement

The Art of Marriage Maintenance

The bottom line for my marriage is that God has called my wife, Cheryl, and me to invest in the

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The Hunger Game

I have long believed there are certain aspects of being a woman that are inherently not fair. Like the fact

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marriage win-win

A Win-Win Marriage Strategy

Why Do Couples Resist a Win-Win Goal? A win-win outcome both in business and in marriage is the ideal. No

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Compromising vs. Settling

I know a lot of guys and girls who have settled in their relationships. They were afraid nothing else was

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My Frustrations About Him

Even if you get what you want, you lose.

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I’m Not a Nag … Am I?

I don’t want to nag; I really don’t…

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