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The Silent Treatment

“Silence is golden” may be a nice sentiment, and sometimes remaining quiet during a conflict is helpful. For example, if

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Love Enough to Confront

It’s not unusual to hear people say, “I hate confrontation.” Many will do everything they can to avoid it at

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4 Communication Traps

Recently, a new friend asked me whether Ron and I still find things to fight about. Uh, yes. We’re two

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Married to an Emasculating Woman?

My husband, LeRoy, and I are different. What an understatement! My family of origin welcomed debate and practiced it loudly

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8 Ways to a More Peaceful Home

When Julie and Greg were married, neither of them anticipated the baggage Julie brought into their relationship from her first

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Overcoming My Big Mouth!

Territory For the first time in six weeks, I was grateful to have a broken ankle. It gave my husband and

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Saying Yes When You Want to Say No

My husband, Richard, worked at a factory job for nearly two decades. A part of him — the vibrant part

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Marriage in Midlife: A Together Adventure

Growthtrac co-founder Jim Mueller chats with Harold Myra, co-author with Gary Chapman of Married and Still Loving It (Moody Publishers),

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Extraordinary Prayer

A few years ago in a North Carolina hotel room, God abruptly awakened me at 3:27 a.m. I know it

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A Love that Lasts

Newlyweds Beware!

Last week, while my husband and I were in Colorado, we decided to hike some of the gorgeous trails around

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