Holy Sex

A Love Story

Whenever I’m in public, I like to watch how couples interact. There’s a lot I can learn about a relationship through observation.

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10 Amazing Tips to Marriage Happiness

The Secrets of Happy Couples What does it take to create – and keep – a marriage healthy?  One of

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Why You Need Church

I can remember when I left a doctor’s appointment with my daughter, who had recently been diagnosed with alopecia. I

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40 Ways to Say “I Love You

 We’ve combined these activities with a list from Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey, added some additional ideas, and

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Mending Your Marriage

Love Your Enemy

I take you to be my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the

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10 Secrets to a Happier Marriage

We all have a number of myths we tend to believe about marriage. But , but in your relationship with

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Marriage in Midlife: A Together Adventure

Growthtrac co-founder Jim Mueller chats with Harold Myra, co-author with Gary Chapman of Married and Still Loving It (Moody Publishers),

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Marriage Over Calling

I’m not convinced God calls anyone but Jesus to save the world. Sure, world leaders can have great influence. Change-makers

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Climate Control

For twelve months, Jennifer meticulously planned her wedding. Everything was going according to plan. Everything except the one factor she

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Your Best Year of Marriage

Some people buy stocks that look promising, but only check them once a year to see if they’ve made money. Other

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