Why You Need Church

I can remember when I left a doctor’s appointment with my daughter, who had recently been diagnosed with alopecia. I

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Surviving the Strain of Special Needs

It’s amazing that any marriage survives raising children with special needs. A relentless schedule of specialist appointments, filling out forms,

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Children in Crisis

Lisa and Greg were missionary kids and childhood sweethearts. “We grew up with boundaries, viewing them as there to protect

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children and marriage

My Stepchild Hates Me!

During a recent life coaching session, a stepmom shared, “I’m at a loss over what to do with my eight-year-old

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Your Shady Past

Here’s the scenario: You have quite a past—whether it’s drug use or alcohol or past sexual activity. Then you got

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Stepmom Comebacks

If someone’s never experienced life in a stepfamily, it’s hard to comprehend the vast complexities in the stepfamily structure, the

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New Daddy Secret

New Daddy Secrets

• Also see New Mommy Secrets You’ve just delivered your first child and are in the throes of first-time parenthood.

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Newlywed Mother with Baby

New Mommy Secrets

• Also see New Daddy Secrets Husbands, your wives are already a mystery, right? Then comes your first baby. Now

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Legacy in Marriage

Breaking the Hurt Legacy

The Habits We Learn We are all imperfect people. We live in a fallen world, and sin is a reality

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children and marriage

10 Things Kids Learn From Their Parents’ Marriage

10 things that I know my kids have observed…

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