No More Mini-Me

My blogging friend Cheri laughs about how naive she was before she married. “I still have a letter I sent

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sad husband

When Your Spouse Is Unemployed

When a job loss happens, it can feel devastating to a family, and even more so to one-income couples. However,

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New Daddy Secret

New Daddy Secrets

• Also see New Mommy Secrets You’ve just delivered your first child and are in the throes of first-time parenthood.

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Newlywed Mother with Baby

New Mommy Secrets

• Also see New Daddy Secrets Husbands, your wives are already a mystery, right? Then comes your first baby. Now

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My New Normal

My first husband died three years ago, and within 36 months I went from living the American dream to becoming

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Time for a Change?

If you’re anything like me, you probably feel overwhelmed by all the changes you’d like to see in your life—especially

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Death by a Thousand Cuts in Marriage

 There are many times when it is not the major traumas in life that kill a marriage, but rather what

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